Mapping a status to an email

template label

In BlitzSender, go to the Pipelines page. Then scroll down to find the pipeline status you want to assign the template to.

Pipeline options:

  • Spacing Set the spacing between messages in a series. template label
  • Delivery Days Select which days of the week you want messages sent. template label
  • Delivery Times: Select the time of day you want messages sent. This uses your timezone from LACRM. So, verify that it is correct. template label

Mapping options:

  • Pipeline Status: Click on the pipeline status name to preview emails for assigned contacts and manually send emails. If there are contacts in the status there will be a number next to the status. template label
  • Email Template: Select an email template to assign it to the pipeline status. template label
  • Next Status: (Optional) If you want BlitzSender to update the pipeline status after sending the email select the next status. This can be used to link together a series of emails so that you only have to trigger the first one. template label
  • Wait Until: (Optional) This allows you to schedule an email for a future date. It maps to a date field in the LACRM pipeline. This is good for scheduling appointment reminders a day or two before an appointment. template label
  • AUTO: (Optional) This lets BlitzSender send emails whenever a contact is assigned this status. template label