Appointment Example

We'll go through an example where we create an email sequence that sends an appointment confirmation email followed by a reminder email one day before an appointment.

Set up the email sequence

LACRM Pipeline

In LACRM you can create a new pipeline (under Settings / Pipelines)

Then we add a 'New Appointment' and 'Reminder' status.

LACRM status example

LACRM Pipeline Date Field

A little farther down on that page, add a date field like this:

LACRM date field example

Blitzsender Template

In Blitzsender, set up email templates (Use the templates tab) for the new appointment and appointment reminder. They should look roughly like this:

LACRM date field example

Blitzsender Mapping

In Blitzsender, use the pipelines tab to map the templates you just created to the LACRM pipeline statuses.

LACRM date field example


Send the automated email sequence to a contact.

When you assign a contact to the 'new appointment' status in LACRM, you will start the email sequence.

This will send the appointment confirmation email, update the status to 'appointment reminder', and wait until the day before the appointment to send the second reminder. It then set the pipeline status to closed.

In LACRM, assign a contact to the new pipeline. You will find it under the contact's menu labeled: 'Attach an Item'

Set the status to 'new appointment'.

Enter the date of the appointment.

LACRM date field example