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Simple email automation for Less Annoying CRM

If you've ever finished a day of work and realized you haven't accomplished anything, you're not alone. We've all been there. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With BlitzSender, you can quickly manage transactional emails, freeing yourself for higher-impact efforts.

BlitzSender is an email service tightly integrated with Less Annoying CRM. It makes sending emails as simple as assigning a pipeline status to a contact.

Introductory Pricing

Sign up now to lock-in our introductory pricing. Use the service for free the first month and send up to 5,000 messages.

Email Automation

Hand-crafted for Less Annoying CRM

There's no need to write the same email over and over. BlitzSender can automate common email workflows:

Manage client information

sign-up forms, intake forms, surveys

Build customer relationships

birthday emails, welcome emails, personalized messages

Streamline business processes

appointment reminders, failed payment notices, shipping alerts


drip campaigns, nurture sequences

Getting started is easy.

Follow these three quick steps to automate your first email.

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1. Create a pipeline status

In LACRM, add a new pipeline status where you would like to send a transactional email.

2. Compose an email template

Compose an email template in BlitzSender and assign it to the new LACRM pipeline status.

3. Automate your emails

Assign a contact to that pipeline status. BlitzSender will automatically personalize and send the message.

Personalized Email Templates

for Less Annoying CRM

The BlitzSender email editor is simple and intuitive. Create email templates without any coding knowledge. You can automatically pull contact data from Less Annoying CRM to personalize your messages.

Stop wasting time on emails.

You don't need to spend hours each day sending emails.

Leave every day feeling satisfied that you've positively impacted your business.

BlitzSender helps you do that.

Automate your emails!